2020 Nissan GT-R ~ 50th Anniversary ~

2020 Nissan GT-R

2020 Nissan GT-R @ Tom Peacock Nissan Houston TX – 50th Anniversary

New option package: 50th Anniversary Package (Premium)

  • Blue painted aluminum-alloy wheels (Bayside Blue exterior only)
  • 50th Anniversary rear badging
  • 50th Anniversary semi-aniline leather-appointed seats with contrast stitching
  • 50th Anniversary logo embossed on front seats
  • 50th Anniversary steering wheel and gearshift knob
  • 50th Anniversary interior badging
  • Alcantara® headliner with contrast stitching
  • Alcantara® sun visors
  • 50th Anniversary kick plates
  • 50th Anniversary logo in tachometer
  • The package is available in the following exterior colors:
    • Bayside Blue (RCB) with white decals and blue aluminum-alloy wheels
    • Pearl White (QAB) with red decals
    • Super Silver (KAB) with white decals

Trim levels revised

  • Pure trim level is no longer available.

New option: Carbon Ceramic Brakes (Track Edition)

  • Carbon ceramic brakes are now available on Track Edition (standard on GT-R NISMO).


Revised turbocharger tuning on Premium for improved low rpm torque.

Track Edition now has 600 horsepower engine with GT-R NISMO high-capacity GT3 turbochargers.

Engine Technologies

Whats under the hood of the 2020 Nissan GT-R

2020 Nissan GT-R @ Tom Peacock Nissan Houston Texas

3.8-liter DOHC 24-valve twin turbo V6 engine

  • 565 hp @ 6800 rpm
  • 467 lb-ft of torque @ 3300–5800 rpm

Twin IHI turbochargers


  • High torque at lower rpm
  • Less turbo lag

NISMO and Track Edition:

  • 600 hp @ 6800 rpm
  • 481 lb-ft of torque @ 3600–5600 rpm
  • High-capacity GT3 turbochargers

Plasma-sprayed cylinder bores

Hand-built by single craftsman in clean room environment

Suspension & Steering

Revised suspension tuning on Track Edition and GT-R NISMO

  • Chassis mode programming updated to help improve cornering and handling
Revised suspension tuning on Track Edition and GT-R NISMO

2020 Nissan GT-R Suspension @ Tom Peacock Nissan Houston Texas

Integrated transmission, differential, and AWD transfer case

  • Optimizes weight distribution and handling capability
  • Input shaft transmits power from engine to transaxle
  • Reaction shaft transmits power from transaxle to front wheels

ATTESA E-TS® (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split)

  • Optimizes power distribution
  • Automatically directs power to the front axle and varies power distribution for improved handling
  • Provides up to 100% rear-wheel power delivery for improved fuel efficiency

Transmission Technologies

Transmission Technologies in the 2020 Nissan GT-R

6-speed dual clutch transmission

  • Separate clutches for odd (1, 3, 5, and R) and even (2, 4, 6) gears
  • While one clutch is transmitting power, the other is released, allowing the transmission to pre-engage for the next likely shift

Fully automatic shifting or automated manual control

  • Magnesium paddle shifters

Adaptive Shift Control

  • Varies transmission response depending on driving conditions


New feature: Carbon ceramic brakes (GT-R NISMO; optional on Track Edition)

  • Carbon ceramic brakes (16.14-inch front, 15.35-inch rear) are lighter and have less brake fade at higher temperatures. Carbon ceramic brakes are also quieter and provide better brake feel.
New feature: Carbon ceramic brakes (GT-R NISMO; optional on Track Edition)

2020 Nissan GT-R @ Tom Peacock Nissan Houston Texas

  • 15.35-inch-diameter vented front disc and 15.00-inch-diameter vented rear disc brakes
  • 2-piece, full-floating rotors
  • 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers
  • High-friction brake pads
  • Available Brembo® carbon ceramic rotors and calipers (standard on NISMO; available on Track Edition)
  • For ceramic brakes, 16.1-inch-diameter vented front disc and 15.3-inch-diameter vented rear disc

Wheels & Tires

New RAYS® NISMO 20-inch forged aluminum wheels on Track Edition and GT-R NISMO

Revised tires for improved traction on Track Edition and GT-R NISMO


Revised styling

  • Revised Daytime Running Light bezel
  • Revised front grille, side fender trim, and rear garnish color
  • Carbon fiber roof (Track Edition, GT-R NISMO)
  • Carbon fiber hood and front fenders with air vents (GT-R NISMO)
  • Revised exhaust finishers with burnished tips on all trim levels

New color: Bayside Blue (RCB) on 50th Anniversary only

Aggressive, Aerodynamic Styling

Aggressive, Aerodynamic Styling

2020 Nissan GT-R @ Tom Peacock Nissan Houston Texas

  • Central air intake
  • Grille with side and rear black garnish (Premium and Track Edition)
  • Side air vents
  • Available carbon fiber trunk lid
  • Available dry carbon spoiler (Track Edition)
  • Available carbon fiber rear wing (NISMO)
  • Available carbon fiber roof (Track Edition and NISMO)
  • Available carbon fiber hood and front fenders with air vents (NISMO)
  • Underbody diffusers
  • Generates more than 176 pounds of downforce both front and rear at 186 mph
  • 0.26 Cd
  • RAYS® 20-inch forged aluminum wheels (Track Edition and NISMO)
  • LED headlights with AFS
  • LED running lights with black bezel
  • Signature LED taillights
  • Lightweight titanium exhaust with 4 large-diameter tailpipes
  • Exhaust finishers with burnished tips (Premium and Track Edition)
  • Premium 50th Anniversary Package


Premium Interior

New color: Hai Gray semi-aniline leather is now available with Jet Black Pearl (GAG), Pearl White TriCoat (QAB) (requires Premium Interior Package)


NissanConnect® with Navigation and Services featuring Apple CarPlay™

  • Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System allows users to link up to five compatible Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones with the vehicle’s audio system for hands-free use
  • Hands-free text messaging assistant translates texts from compatible cellphones to voice messages and allows users to send preset responses using Voice Recognition or the steering wheel controls
  • Navigation system with curve warnings, over-speed warnings, and Lane Guidance
  • SiriusXM® Traffic displays continuously updated traffic information in select metropolitan areas
  • SiriusXM® Travel Link offers national and local weather forecasts, fuel prices, local movie theater listings, stock prices, and sports scores
  • Apple CarPlay™ allows users to operate compatible devices using vehicle controls or Siri® voice commands
  • NissanConnect® Services powered by SiriusXM® provides safety, security, and convenience services

Multi-function Display System

  • 8-inch color touch-screen display
  • Controls for audio, climate control, navigation, and hands-free systems
  • 19 performance parameters
  • 5 customizable screens
  • Stop Watch screen

Vehicle Setup Switches

Three setup switches with three settings


  • Normal: everyday driving
  • R: faster shifting (as fast as 0.15 seconds from activation to power delivery in the next gear)
  • Save: long-distance or limited-traction driving


  • Normal: automatic electronic control of damping
  • R: maximum damping during high-performance cornering
  • Comfort: enhanced ride comfort


  • Normal: daily driving
  • R: high performance and handling
  • Off: to help free the vehicle if it’s stuck in mud or snow

Safety Shield

Safety Shield applies to all parts of a normal driving routine.

RearView Monitor

  • Helps enhance visibility when parking or backing up
  • Activated automatically when the vehicle is shifted into Reverse
  • Green, yellow, and red grid lines help judge distances

Front and Rear Sonar System

  • Beeping sound alerts drivers to objects to the front or rear of the vehicle

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Illuminates a warning light if low pressure is detected in any tire
  • Displays pressure for each individual tire

Structural rigidity

  • Hybrid body structure of steel, carbon composite, and die-cast aluminum
  • Helps provide handling performance and crash protection

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